The Harvard University Office of Technology Development has named Jessica Duda as Director, Business Development, a role which serves the Wyss Institute as well as the Cambridge office. Duda previously served as Senior Director, Business Development & Strategic Planning at NinePoint Medical, Inc., which develops in vivo pathology medical devices. From 2008-2009, Duda served as Convergence Project Director at Third Rock Ventures.

Prior, she served as Director, Operations, Andara Product Line at Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. Duda served as Healthcare Associate at Polaris Venture Partners from 2001-2004 and from 1999-2000, she served as Associate at The Parthenon Group. 

Duda received her M.E. / M.S. in Biomechanical/Biomaterials Research from Dartmouth College as well as her B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and B.A. in Engineering Sciences.  

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